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4 Benefits of Installing a Split System Air Conditioner

A split system AC appliance is a good choice for smaller homes as well as apartments where there is a need to cool certain areas conveniently. Unlike other Acs, split systems are not compact, as they have an indoor unit that houses the air handler as well as an outdoor unit that contains a condenser and a compressor. The indoor unit pumps cool air into the specific room while the outdoor unit expels the heat and moisture. The following are some pros of installing a split system AC appliance in your home:

Its Installation Is Easy

Since split system ACs have no ductwork, they generally require less work during installation. Generally, the installation only requires small openings through the walls to accommodate the copper tubes and cabling. Additionally, split system air coolers are designed to require minimal space in the room, and they only need access to electricity and a location to mount them.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Centralized systems require ductwork to cool air. Due to heating and cooling losses through its cycles, the ductwork consumes a lot of energy, especially if there are leaks in the ducts, uninsulated ducts, or ductwork that has been installed in unconditioned spaces. Conversely, split system ACs have a ductless design which facilitates a reduction in the amount of energy they use. Additionally, a split system AC cools certain areas of your home as needed, rather than cooling the entire home, thereby saving on your energy usage.

Easy Maintenance

Since split system ACs have no ductwork, their upkeep and servicing are minimal. This makes them economical to maintain because their filters only require regular cleaning and replacement if they are used up. With this relatively little professional maintenance, your split system will operate efficiently and serve you for years. 

Quiet Operation

If you prefer a unit that operates silently or with little noise, a split system AC may be a good choice for you. This is because the ACs fan and condenser, which would otherwise cause the most noise pollution in your home, are housed in the system's outdoor unit. Furthermore, split systems have small motors and components that dampen sound, enabling them to run silently without causing a disturbance in your home.

Before installing a split system AC, you should consult with a residential AC service to have a clear, personalized guide on which unit to purchase. You will be advised on the different options among split system ACs and their relative cost. Additionally, the repair contractor will evaluate the space you need to condition and recommend the right size of AC to purchase.