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Frequently Asked Questions On Air Conditioning Repair

Since the AC's invention, these systems have become a source of comfort in many homes. The air conditioning unit is fundamentally crucial during the heatwave season. Therefore, as the winter slowly gives way to spring, you ought to check your system for weaknesses, faults, and broken parts. But to inspect your system correctly, you should learn its components and how they work. Here is what you need to know about your AC.

Which Are the Main Parts of An AC?

The air conditioning system has four main parts. The first one is an evaporator where the warm air from the house enters the system. Then, it heats the refrigerant that expands and moves towards the condenser. The condensation unit transfers the heat from the coolant to another cooling medium, such as the air outside the home. The compressor ensures constant circulation of the refrigerant and keeps it under pressure within the system. On the other hand, the expansion valve allows the refrigerant to expand and become less pressurized, thus turning from vapor form into a liquid.

What Are the Common Causes of AC Failure?

Your air conditioning system can serve you excellently for many years when you maintain it well. However, even the best quality and well-maintained systems wear out and fail due to repeated use and age. Other causes of air conditioning system failures include faults in the system power and ice buildup in the cooling unit. Furthermore, overworking the system causes deterioration.  

How Can You Diagnose Common AC Problems?

It is advisable to have your unit checked according to the guidelines provided by the energy department. For instance, you should routinely check for leaks in the hoses and connections and call an AC technician for the necessary repairs. 

Also, if you detect an AC-related electrical short circuit in your home, seek professional help right away.

Ice buildup in the cooling system manifests as a dew-like liquid and signals a failing system. You'll need to call your AC repair contractor to troubleshoot and fix the underlying problem before the summer sets in.

Can Animals Cause AC Failure?

Did you know that rodents and other small animals can hide in your AC system? Unfortunately, this can cause unending problems in your system. Again, you should hire a technician to remove any nests the animals have built in the unit. 

An air conditioning contractor can routinely inspect and service your unit and offer prompt repairs to prevent inconveniences when you utterly need a functional unit in the summer. 

Contact an HVAC contractor to learn more about air conditioning repair and maintenance.