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Parts You Might Need To Purchase For Your Commercial Fryer

If you own and use a commercial fryer in your commercial kitchen, then you may need to find a supplier that sells parts for it. When you first bought your unit, you might not have been thinking about buying replacement parts for it. However, all of these are examples of parts that you might need to buy at some point. You might even find that other spare parts will be needed for your fryer at some point, but if so, you should be able to find them from a parts supplier, too.


First of all, you might not actually need to purchase any parts for your commercial fryer right now. In fact, your fryer might be in new or like-new condition, so you might not have to worry about doing this for a while. If you don't have a manual for your fryer, however, you should think about ordering one. You can typically order manuals for commercial fryers of all makes and models, and they're usually available from the same suppliers that sell fryer parts. Doing this will be a good idea, since you will then have a manual that you can use to learn about the safe use of your commercial fryer, so you can learn about how to maintain your fryer, and more.


Your commercial fryer might use an ignitor so it can startup. Without this essential part functioning properly, you might not be able to turn on your fryer at all. If it has just started to wear out, then you might have found that your fryer does not startup reliably, like it's supposed to. A new ignitor can be installed so that your commercial fryer will always start up on the first try, however.

Filter Parts

Your commercial fryer should be equipped with a filter that helps with filtering your oil. This helps with removing crumbs, burnt pieces of bread, and other debris from your oil. This is a good thing since it allows you to use your oil more than once without changing it, which saves time and money. However, if the filter works properly, it can help you maintain the quality of your grease when you reuse it. If you need a replacement filter or any other filter-related parts, you should order them as soon as you can.

Luckily, not only are these parts and components available for many commercial fryers but there are other parts available, too. Therefore, regardless of what might be needed to repair your commercial fryer, it should be possible to buy what you need.

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