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3 Reasons Your Heat Pump Can't Keep You Warm When The Weather Outdoors Is Frosty

If your heat pump isn't keeping you nice and warm, it could be time to call a heating contractor for assistance. Just be sure you check the settings on the remote or thermostat first. Here are three more problems that can cause your heat pump to fail at keeping you comfortable on a cold winter day.

1. Poor Air Circulation

Like any heating system, a heat pump needs air to circulate freely through the equipment. If it doesn't, the equipment can't function well enough to put out hot air and warm your house. The main culprit behind poor air circulation is a dirty filter. Change your filter to see if your heat pump starts working better.

Another problem you might experience in the winter is when the condenser outside is blocked with ice, snow, or even mounds of leaves. Air needs to circulate through the condenser, and that's one reason heat pumps are often mounted on the outside wall. Being elevated prevents problems with snow packs and leaf mounds. Take a look at your condenser and if it's blocked, clear everything around it and see if that fixes your problem.

Another air circulation issue is when the blower that's mounted on the inside wall malfunctions. If the blower doesn't put out any air, the room the blower is in won't heat up. If your blower isn't working, call a heating contractor to diagnose the problem and repair it so you can get your house warmed up again.

2. The Defrost Cycle Isn't Working

A heat pump has a reversing valve in it that switches the unit from blowing warm air inside your house to blowing it back through the condenser outside. This is necessary so ice and snow will melt off of the condenser coil. The defrost cycle lasts as long as necessary to reach a set temperature that ensures ice won't form again soon. When ice does form, the defrost cycle repeats.

If the defrost cycle doesn't work properly, ice will build on the heat pump and you won't get any warm air delivered to your house. This might be caused by a bad reversing valve, but the heating contractor can test other parts to find the exact cause and make repairs.

3. It's Very Cold Outside

If it's below freezing and your house isn't warm enough, the problem might be an issue with how well your home is insulated, and the heat pump might be working fine. However, if it's above freezing and your home has always been nice and warm at those outdoor temperatures, then that could indicate a problem with your heat pump.

If you're unsure, call a heating contractor to find out what's going on. If the weather is unusually cold, you may just need to wear an extra sweater indoors until the weather shifts. If the problem is with the heat pump, the heating contractor has to pinpoint the problem, which could be a leak in the refrigerant or even a bad compressor.

Heating contractors are often available day and night all days of the week during the winter, so if your heat pump isn't keeping you warm, call for help so your family won't be inconvenienced and so your house stays warm to protect your belongings and plumbing.