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2 Noises That Indicate Your Boiler Needs Professional Attention

If you depend on a boiler to heat your home, you may have grown accustomed to occasional popping noises coming from the unit while it is heating the water. Otherwise, it probably runs quietly. However, you may start to notice odd noises coming from the unit. If this is the case, there are a couple of sounds that indicate that your home's boiler is in need of professional attention as soon as possible.

1.  Gurgling Sounds Coming from the Bottom of the Boiler

One noise that should alert you to a possible issue with the boiler is gurgling which seems to come from the bottom of the boiler. One possible cause of these sounds is air that is trapped in the system, which is usually remedied by having the air bled out of the system.

However, the gurgling could also be caused by a blockage in the line. Since the steam is struggling to exit the boiler, it will backflow into the unit. Since the steam has nowhere to go, it will cause increased pressure that could lead to rupturing of the line or even the boiler tank. 

2.  Noises Resembling Popcorn Popping Heard While Water Is Heating Up

Another sound that should alert you to a potentially serious issue with your home's boiler is kettling. Resembling the noises made when you pop popcorn, kettling is caused by limescale buildup within the tank. When the buildup becomes bad, it will start to break off. When heated, the scale will create the popping noises that you are hearing. 

The problem with kettling caused by limescale is that the mineral will eventually build up on the boiler's heat exchanger. Not only does this interfere with the boiler's ability to heat water, but it also blocks the part and keeps the steam from escaping, which could lead to too much pressure building up inside of the tank.

If you are hearing gurgling or kettling noises coming from your home's boiler, they could indicate a serious issue with the system that should be addressed as soon as possible. Depending on where the problems are located, allowing the issues to continue could lead to catastrophic failure of the system. Before this happens, contact a local HVAC contractor who offers residential boiler repair services to have them determine the cause of the sounds so that action can be taken to fix any issues they may find.