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Step By Step AC Troubleshooting Guide To Figure Out Why Your Air Conditioning Fails During Summer Heatwaves

The hot summer weather can cause a lot of problems with your air conditioning that you are going to want to get repaired quickly. Therefore, you will want to troubleshoot your cooling system one step at a time to get to the bottom of the problems. The following AC troubleshooting guide will help you figure out why your AC keeps failing during summer heatwaves:

Electrical Problems With Your AC That Often Surface During Summer Heatwaves

One of the first areas where you are going to want to troubleshoot your AC problems is the electrical system. First, this could be something as simple as a breaker being tripped due to electrical surges. It could also be problems with the wiring of the AC unit or an electrical switch accidentally being turned off. If you check these issues and your AC is still not turning on, contact an air conditioner repair for help solving the problem.

Problems That Restrict Airflow And Cause Your AC To Not Cool As Should During Hot Weather

If the problem is with the restricted flow of the air coming out of vents, you will want to check for problems with the filters, ducts, and vents. The problems that could be restricting the airflow of your AC include:

  • A Dirty filter that needs to be changed
  • A Failing or dirty blower that needs repairs and servicing
  • Closed vents and dampers that need to be adjusted for cooling

These are some of the problems that you will want to check if your AC seems to not be blowing enough air out of the vents. If there is still a problem, contact an AC repair service for help solving the problem restricting the airflow of your system.

Dirty Condensing Unit Components That Cause The AC To Freeze And Fail During Heatwaves

Throughout the year, a lot of dust and dirt can build up on the AC condensing unit. This is the unit outside the has the compressor, condensing coils, and other components of your air conditioning. This freezing can cause hot air to blow out of the vents and damage the compressor and other components. Thaw the AC if it is frozen, and clean these parts to see if it solves the problem. If there is damage, the AC is probably going to need repairs.

Problems With The Compressor And Refrigerant Leaks That Cause Your AC To Not Work When It Should

Sometimes, the problems with freezing can cause serious damage to the condensing coils and compressors. If the problem is with the coils, it could cause refrigerant gas leaks that need professional repairs. The compressor can also be damaged and leak, which may need to be replaced to get your AC working again and your home cool during the summer heat.

These AC troubleshooting tips will help you figure out why your AC is failing during summer heatwaves. If you need help with repairs before the weather gets hotter, contact an AC repair service, and talk to them about the problems you are having with your cooling system.