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3 Factors That Can Impact The Cost Of Your AC System Installation

Household air conditioning systems can vary significantly in cost. Although you might have asked friends or neighbors about how much they have spent on their systems to get an idea of what your replacement will cost, you may find that your air conditioning installation will be significantly more or less expensive. If you're curious about some of the details that can impact pricing, consider these three factors that will probably be taken into consideration:

1. Size of the Unit

One of the main things that will impact your air conditioning pricing is the size of the unit that you purchase. Of course, you should make sure that you buy an appropriately sized unit for your home if you want to ensure that it will work properly and efficiently. The size of your air conditioning unit is obviously impacted by the size of the home that you are buying the unit for. Additionally, the climate in your area matters, since you will need a bigger and more powerful unit if you live in a very hot climate. The setup of your home itself will also have an impact on sizing.

2. Condition of Ductwork and Electrical Wiring

If you are simply replacing an existing air conditioning system, then your air conditioning installation crew will take a look at your ductwork and electrical wiring. Ideally, your new unit can simply be hooked up to your existing wiring and ductwork. This can help you get your unit installed and up and running a lot more quickly and can save you money on installation costs, too. If the ductwork or wiring need to be repaired or replaced, or if you are installing a unit in a home that does not already have the appropriate wiring and ductwork installed, then costs will be higher.

3. Time and Day of Service Call

If you need to have a new unit installed on a weekend or at night, prices will probably be higher. You can save quite a bit with many companies by having your installation done during regular business hours.

Of course, these are just a few of many different factors that can impact how much your AC system installation will cost. If you would like some more insight about how air conditioning installation costs are calculated, or if you would like to get a more specific quote for the cost of replacing your system, contact a local heating and air conditioning company today.