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Building A Multi-Level Home? 4 Benefits You'll Enjoy By Installing Dual Air Conditioners

If you're in the process of building a multi-story home, don't settle on one air conditioning unit. A single unit will work just fine for most single-level homes, but that single unit will fall short when it comes to multi-story homes. You're going to need dual air conditioners for your multi-story home. Here are just four of the benefits you'll receive when you double up on your air conditioners for your new home.

Maintain Temperature Balance

If you're going to try cooling your multi-story home with just one air conditioner, you should know that you're going to have a hard time maintaining a proper temperature balance – regardless of where you install the unit. If you install the unit on the roof, the upper level of your home will stay cool. However, if you install your single unit on the floor, you may find that only the lower level stays cool. That's because that single unit can produce enough cool air to keep your entire home comfortable during the summer. That's where the dual AC units come in handy. With dual units, each one will be solely responsible for cooling down one level of your home.

Provide Zone Cooling

If you want to control your cooling costs, you need to invest in a dual AC system for your new home. A dual system will allow you to provide zone cooling for your entire home. You can program the thermostats on each level of your home to provide cooling for just the areas of the house that you're going to be using. That means, you won't be spending money to cool areas that you're not using.

Ensure Back-Up for Emergencies

If you've ever suffered through a breakdown during the summer, you know how uncomfortable it can be to go without your AC. One of the problems with having only one AC unit in your multi-level home is that the temperatures are going to go through the roof as soon as your system goes down. However, if you've installed a second unit, you can use that one to keep your home at a livable temperature until repairs can be made.

Reduce Wear-and-Tear on Single Unit

If you're going to try and cool your multi-level home with just one air conditioning unit, you can expect it to wear out much quicker than it should. That's because your single unit will need to work overtime to keep both levels of your home at a comfortable temperature. However, when you install a dual AC system in your home, you'll reduce that wear -and-tear, which will help your units last longer.