Furnace Fiascos Avoided

Avoid These 3 Practices When The AC Goes Out

It's understandable to be frustrated when the AC goes out. However, your frustration should not cause you to engage in practices that may endanger your AC or your household. Here are a few examples of measures that may seem reasonable, but are really bad ideas.

1. Sealing Leaks with Duct Tape

Air leaks are common with old or overworked AC system. For example, aging AC lines may experience cracks on their joints, and you may be tempted to seal them with duct tapes. Unfortunately, that would only result in a temporary measure.

In the long run, the heat degrades the glue and weakens the seal. Even if the duct tape doesn't fail outright, it will let out too much air and affect your ACs efficiency. If you must do it, use it only as a temporary measure and then call a professional technician.

2. Using the Freezer to Cool Your House

Another bad idea you should avoid is that of using the freezer to cool your house when the AC fails but the freezer is still running. Some people think that they can cool their houses by opening the freezer door or even using a fan to drive out the cold air.

Again, this might not be much of a problem in the short run. However, keeping the freezer door open for a long time overworks it, causing energy wastage and accelerated wear and tear. At the same time, if you are using a fan to drive out the cold air, it can get entangled in your freezer compartment or experience an electrical malfunction when moisture falls on its electrical motor or wires.

3. Opening the Windows During The Day

On the surface, it might seem like a good idea to open up the windows and doors to let in the breeze if your AC has broken down. Unfortunately, this won't be a good idea during the day because you will just be losing the previously cooled air outside the home and letting in unconditioned air from outside. When your AC first breaks down, you don't lose the cool air instantly; your home stays cool for some time as the temperature rises gradually.

Thus, it makes sense to close the windows and doors and trap in the cool air for as long as possible. You can do the opposite at night when the outside air has cooled a bit, the inside air has warmed up so that the cool breeze from outside can help cool down your home.

Contact your local AC services to learn more.