Furnace Fiascos Avoided

When The HVAC System Is Out

If you are dealing with air conditioner issues and you are stuck in a very hot house in the meantime, then you want to make sure you know some ways you can keep yourself and everyone else in the house cooler until the heating repair services technician is able to come and save you by repairing the issue. Here are some of the tips that you want to keep in mind:

Get a cross-breeze going

If you open one window, or even a couple windows on the same wall, then you may find yourself surprised at the lack of cool breeze you actually end up with. This is due to the fact that you won't have anything drawing the air into the house. The way you can cause the air to travel through your home and help cool everyone off is by opening windows on opposite walls; this causes the cross-breeze effect where the wind gets sucked into your home with enough force that it can help make a difference in temperature. One important thing to know is this can cause doors in your home to slam shut with strong force, so secure the doors to avoid injury to family members and pets when they suddenly close.

Make proper use of hard flooring

When you are trying to fend off the heat in your home, take advantage of the hard flooring in your home. Pull up rugs so the flooring will help keep things cooler. You should also bring your furry pets into cooler rooms with hard flooring; they can stay cooler by laying on the floor.

Keep your trees full

When you have trees near the walls and windows of your home, you want to make sure you keep them trimmed to avoid problems in the future. However, you should also avoid having them removed and cutting them back too far. Not only do they help keep the house warmer in the winter by cutting down on wind and snow that makes its way through to the walls and windows, but those trees will also provide shade from the sun during the hotter months and help keep the inside temperature down.

Use fans correctly

When you are trying to cool the house down, you want to make sure the ceiling fans are rotating in the counter-clockwise direction, whereas you want to go rotate in the opposite direction during the winter. Take stand-alone fans and put them in front of the windows and down hallways to direct the cooler air right where you want it the most.