Furnace Fiascos Avoided

How To Safely Shut Down Your Propane Furnace

Homeowners in cold climates are always looking for ways to make their propane furnaces or heating systems more efficient during the winter. Of course, there is no bad time to make your system more efficient, but you don't want to undertake major repairs and renovations that are going to render your heater or furnace useless during the winter. So, it is always smart to do your heater repairs during the summer, when you aren't so reliant on the system.

That being said, there are some easy repairs that you can do yourself and which won't require much time. That is, you won't need to shut down your system or go for an extended period of time without the use of your furnace. This article explains how you can easily clean your propane furnace cabinet, particularly the vital components on the inside, within an hour. This article also explains how homeowners can simply and safely shut down their furnace so it will be ready for simple DIY repairs and cleaning.

Safely Shut Down the Furnace

The biggest problem with working on a furnace is that you need to shut down the gas and electricity to be safe. Some people are a little intimidated by this, so they just let professionals do it. However, the actual cleaning is very simple, so if you can learn to safely shut down your furnace, you can save a lot of money and you won't need to wait for professionals to fix your small problems.

Follow the Simple Instructions

Some furnaces will have the shutdown instructions on a sticker that is mounted directly on the door. If so, follow these instructions. Otherwise, most furnaces require the same order of operations. That is, you first want to shut off the gas. When you remove the access panel to the furnace, you should be able to immediately see the gas control knob. This is always clearly marked and easy to see. Turn the gas off, and then look for the power switch. The power switch is usually mounted on a separate breaker box on a wall nearest to the furnace. Some furnaces have the power switch mounted directly on the cabinet.

Once you turn off the power, you also make sure that your thermostat is turned off. This will just ensure that there is absolutely no risk of your system starting up while you are working on it.

In the end, cleaning your furnace is very simple; it is only shutting it down that is a little tricky.