Furnace Fiascos Avoided

The Holidays Are Almost Here: Is Your Fireplace Ready For The Festivities?

Winter is almost here. It's time to break out the cold-weather gear. If you have a fireplace in your home, it's also time to get that ready for the harsh winter weather. Fireplaces are a great way to keep your home warm during the winter. They're also the perfect focal point for your holiday decorations. However, before you start planning for the holidays, make sure you know the proper safety precautions to follow for your fireplace. Here are four tips that will help keep you and your family safe while using your fireplace this winter:

Begin with a Clean Fireplace

You know that you should clean your heater before you start using it in the winter. However, you might not realize that you should give the same attention to your fireplace. Unfortunately, not cleaning your fireplace before you use it this winter could lead to some serious safety issues, including chimney fires. To make sure your fireplace is safe and ready to use, be sure to have it cleaned and inspected before you begin using it this winter.

Install a Working Carbon Monoxide Monitor

If you don't have a working carbon monoxide monitor in your home, you should have one installed as soon as you can, especially if you have a fireplace. You might not realize this, but the smoke that is emitted from your fireplace can fill your home with carbon monoxide, especially if your fireplace isn't vented properly. To protect your family from carbon monoxide poisoning, you should have at least one monitor in your home, preferably in the room with your fireplace. If you have a multi-story home, be sure to install at least one carbon monoxide monitor on each floor.

Don't Place Holiday Gifts in Front of the Fireplace

If you're going to be decorating your home for the holidays, don't place wrapped gifts in front of your fireplace. Flying embers could ignite your gift wrapping. If you're not around to monitor the gifts, a fire could ignite before you were able to react. To protect your family, and avoid this type of fire, keep your gifts a safe distance from your fireplace. It's also important that you leave the protective screen in place whenever you have a fire in the fireplace.

Avoid Burning Holiday Wrapping in the Fireplace

Once the gift-giving is over, and your home is filled with discarded gift wrapping, you might be tempted to burn it. However, you should avoid doing that. Gift wrapping is not the type of paper that should be burned in fireplaces. It contains a safety coating that can emit toxic fumes when burned. Not only that, but it can burn much hotter than untreated paper. Protect yourself and your family by throwing your gift wrap in the trash.

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