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Don't Let Upper-Respiratory Symptoms Get You Down: How To Improve The Air Quality Inside Your Home

 Cold and flu season will be here soon. If you're like most people, you'll be looking for ways to avoid sickness, which means you'll probably line up for your flu shot. However, you might not realize that some of your upper-respiratory symptoms will be caused by things right inside your own home; and some of those symptoms won't be related to colds or the flu. They'll be related to the air pollution that's lurking within the walls of your home. Some of the symptoms that accompany poor air quality inside your home include headaches, itchy eyes, ear infections, and nosebleeds, to name a few. You can prevent those health issues by improving the air quality inside your home. Here are some suggestions that will help improve the air you're breathing.

Take Care of All Your Filters

You probably already know that you need to change your furnace filter at least once every three months. However, you might be overlooking the other filters in your home. Those filters are just as important. To improve the air quality in your home, and remove many of the allergens that can cause upper-respiratory problems, you should also change the filter in your vacuum, and wash the screen on your kitchen vent hood. While you're at it, now's also a good time to give the lint trap on your dryer a deep cleaning, as well. Taking care of these issues each time you change your furnace filter will help keep your air clean.

Get Your System Checked

If you have a typical household, your HVAC system is running just about all year long. Your air conditioner is running all summer long, and as soon as the colder weather arrives, you switch over to your heater. With all that work, dirt and allergens can build up. That's why it's crucial that you provide your HVAC system with the care it needs to keep your air clean. When your heater and air conditioner are working properly, you probably don't think much about them. Unfortunately, that can lead to problems that will reduce the air quality inside your home. To make sure your HVAC system isn't causing dirty air, you should have it inspected about once a year. Be sure to have your HVAC technician conduct a thorough cleaning of your furnace during the maintenance call. This will prevent the dirt and debris from finding its way back into your home.

Avoid upper-respiratory problems from the air inside your home, by following the tips provided here. Contact an HVAC service, like  Bourke's Service Co, to get started.