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3 Reasons You Have Summer Frost Problems With AC

It is the heat of summer and constant operation of your AC that causes it to freeze. In the heat of summer, you probably think that there should not be frost outside, and you are right. A combination of conditions causes the freezing; the humidity in the air, lack of cleaning, and constant cooling cycles all contribute to the problem. Here are the reasons for your AC freezing over and a simple solution to prevent the problem:

1. More Common AC Freezing Problems with High Humidity Conditions

The moisture in the air is one of the main contributors to freezing AC units. This is due to the high humidity and vapor droplets that form. In areas with higher humidity during the summer months, it is more likely for a dirty AC coil to freeze. While it is less likely for the AC coil to freeze in drier conditions, it may still happen and it is still important to keep your AC clean for efficient operation.

2. Extreme Heat and More Frequent Use of AC That Contributes to Freezing Problems

When the weather outside begins to get so hot that your AC is constantly running, it is more likely for condensation to form and freeze. Hotter weather and more frequent use of your cooling can contribute to the freezing of coils. To reduce the chance of your AC freezing during a heatwave, turn the thermostat up a couple of degrees so your AC will be working less. You will not even notice a couple of degrees and you will be less likely to have problems with an AC that is frosting over.

3. The Main Cause of Freezing: Lack of Maintenance and Parts with Dust and Dirt Buildup

The freezing during summer months is mostly due to a lack of maintenance. It is important to have your AC serviced regularly by a professional from a company like Arnold Service Co. Make sure the outdoor units get cleaned to ensure dust and debris does not buildup on the condensing coil.  When the unit does not get cleaned, condensation forms on the dust particles, which eventually turn to ice. The ice will continue to build up until it causes more serious problems like the compressor becoming too hot and being damaged.

It is a combination of conditions that cause an AC to freeze over. Contact an HVAC repair service to do regular maintenance, which includes cleaning the AC coils and other components that cause freezing when they become dirty.