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3 Things To Do If Your Air Conditioner Is Cooling Unevenly

Do you have a home where some rooms seem to be getting unbearably hot while others are being cooled to seemingly arctic temperatures? Are you tired of feeling like you're traveling across different climates when you're simply crossing your own home? Having an air conditioner is no good if it doesn't work as you'd like. While it's possible that you need to call a technician to repair your unit, it's also possible that a few simple changes might at least make your home a little more bearable to live in. A few things you can try include:

Leave the fan going: Leaving the fan going on your thermostat can cause your electricity bill to rise. On the other hand, allowing the air conditioner to continue running past when it should already have cooled down the dwelling. A well-designed cooling system should function correctly if the fan is left on automatic but, especially in a home where rooms have been added or removed since the ducting was added, it's sometimes necessary to leave the fan going so that air can circulate properly. If you're worried about the cost of doing this, you may only want to leave the fan on for a few hours in the evening or turning it on just before you head to bed at night. This will give you comfortable temperatures to sleep in while not using excessive amounts of electricity while you're at work.

Have your air ducts checked: Vents can sometimes become blocked by dust buildup or the ducting can come loose due to air pressure, resulting in leaks. A cooling system professional can check your ducts for blockages or leaks, fixing any issues that he or she finds. If found, correcting these issues can help to ensure that your air conditioner is able to cool your home evenly once again.

Install another system: If you have a larger house, especially one with multiple floors, one cooling system may not be sufficient to keep everything comfortable. Since cool air sinks and hot air rises, your upper floors will always be slightly warmer than downstairs. Installing a separate air conditioner for downstairs will allow you to keep just that area of the house cool without trying to cool off the entire upstairs as well. When you go upstairs to bed, you can shut off the downstairs cooler, turn on the upstairs one, and block off as much airflow between downstairs and upstairs as possible. This will help keep your home more comfortable without having to face the prospect of an air conditioner running constantly in a futile attempt to cool your home.

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