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Don't Lose Your Air Conditioner To Sludge: 4 Ways To Prevent Grime Buildup

Your air conditioner should last you up to 15 years, and no less than 10 years. However, air conditioners die premature deaths all the time. One of the main culprits of early death is sludge, the grimy, slimy substance that's known to accumulate in all parts of your air conditioning unit, including the plumbing. To keep your unit running great for years to come, you must do all you can to remove sludge buildup in a timely manner. Following are four ways you can prevent sludge and grime buildup. 

Stop Dirt Intrusion

Your air conditioner pulls humidity out of the air, which leaves many of its components, such as the coil, damp or even wet. If dirt gets into your system, it quickly gets caught up in the moisture and turns to sludge. If sludge continues to build up, your unit can actually suffocate from lack of air. Prevent dirt from getting into your unit by installing the right size filter for your unit and changing it regularly. 

Clean Condensation Lines

The plumbing connected to your unit are meant to carry condensation away from the equipment. Water can accumulate in the drip tray and lines, turning into slime. If left alone, the slime can build up, preventing water from escaping your unit. In turn, your unit can drown or malfunction from the excess water. Be sure to inspect and clean your plumbing with hot water regularly. 

Sweep Duct Work

Dirty ducts can affect your unit in two ways, it can prevent air from getting to your unit and it can introduce dirt into your unit. Both of these issues can result in the early death of your air conditioner. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association recommends that you get your ducts cleaned every 3 to 5 years

Get Regular Service

Routine HVAC service should uncover and correct most of these issues for you. In addition to changing your filter regularly, you should schedule regular maintenance for your unit. If you have your unit serviced in the spring, you can be sure that you're entering the season with a clean, properly working unit. An inspection may uncover potential issues with sludge buildup before they become a huge problem that stops your air conditioner. 

There are many ways sludge can kill your air conditioning unit. To keep yours in optimal health, have your unit and the plumbing that services it inspected regularly, at least once per year

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