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Get Your Window Air Conditioning System Ready For Spring

As you prepare your home for spring and warm weather, you need to make sure that your window air conditioning system is ready to go.

#1 Clean The Filter

The first thing you need to do is remove the air filter from your window air conditioning unit. It should slide right into your machine on the top of your unit. Just grab it and pull it out.

Once you pull it out, rinse it in your bathtub gently with warm water and dish soap. You may need to use a scrub brush to get the dirt off; just be gentle. After you clean the air filter, lay it outside in the sun so that it can dry. Make sure that it is placed somewhere where an animal or person will not step on the filter and damage it and placed somewhere where it will not blow away.

When you are sure the filter is dry, put it back into your air conditioning unit. You want to do this before you need to use your air conditioner to give the filter proper time to dry.

#2 Clean The Unit

Over time, your window air conditioning unit can get really dirty. If you are able to, take it out of your window to clean it. You are going to want to use a vacuum to clean and remove dirt from your unit. Then, you are going to want to wipe down your entire unit with a wet cloth to pick up any dirt and dust that would not vacuum up.

Finally, you should use a can of compressed air to clean the internal components of your window air conditioning unit. Compressed air will help blow out the dust and dirt that may get stuck in small cervix's but could compromise the overall health of your window air conditioning unit.

#3 Secure Your Unit

Finally, make that your unit is securely placed inside of your window. Make sure that the brackets that support your air conditioner on the outside of your house are not just attached to your window air conditioning unit, but to the building itself. This will increase the stability of unit and the security of your unit.

Next, you should screw the plastic vent flaps that expand and fill the area that your air conditioning unit doesn't fill inside of your window directly into the window frame. Securing the plastic vents to the window frame will help keep air and bugs from getting into your home and will keep your home secure.

Finally, use steel corner braces on each side of your air conditioner. One side of the steel corner brace should attach to your unit and the other side should attach to the wall.

For more tips, talk with a local HVAC shop like Classic Air and Heating.