Furnace Fiascos Avoided

Three Ways to Reduce Dust and Toxins in Your Home

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the quality of the indoor air in your home might be more hazardous than the outdoor air located in major cities. This may be alarming to you, and it might be something you want to look into. When indoor air quality is poor, it means there is a lot of dust and toxins in the air. If you want to remove these things from the air in your home so your house is a safer place to live, you may want to consider doing one or more of the following things.

Perform Furnace Maintenance Often

Your furnace is used to heat and cool your home, and this process requires recirculating the air over and over that is in your home. As this occurs, the system will pull the air from your home, heat it, and send it back into your home. If the air has dust or toxins in it, these things will continuously be circulating through your house.

If you perform furnace maintenance often, you can have some control over the air quality in your house. One of the best forms of furnace maintenance to choose is a furnace tune-up. A tune-up involves cleaning the furnace, changing the furnace filter, and examining all the parts to make sure they are working. Each time this is done, the technician will actually be removing dust and toxins that are trapped inside your furnace and in the filter. This will naturally help with the air quality in your home.

The other benefit of this is that it may help you control your energy costs. A furnace will work better if it is clean, and this could help you save some money on heating your house.

Install an Air-Purifier System

Air-purifier systems are also handy devices to have for cleaning indoor air, and there are several different types you can buy. The most affordable type is a standalone machine that you plug into the wall. You can place the device anywhere in your home, and its job is to pull the air from your house into it, clean it, and send it back into the home. The other type you can purchase is attached to your furnace and is called a whole-home system. This type may offer more effective results, but it will also be more expensive to purchase and install.

Most air-purifier systems contain a filter, which is used to trap the contaminants found in your air. The filter in your device will need to be replaced or cleaned on a regular basis.

Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

The air ducts in your home can be a leading source of contaminants. These ducts are used to transfer air from the furnace into your home, and they tend to get dirty over time. Cleaning the air ducts is not an easy do-it-yourself task, though, so you may want to hire a company to do this for you.

When this is done, they will clean every duct in your home, and this is typically completed with special types of vacuums. Once this is done, the air that passes through your air ducts will be cleaner, simply because it will not be in contact with excessive dust, contaminants, and toxins.

These three tasks can make a big difference with the amount of dust you see in your home and in the quality of the air you breathe when you are there. If you would like to learn more about any of these tasks, contact a company that offers services such as furnace repairs and air-duct cleaning services.